ISSN No. 2229-7162
Volume: 6  |
Issue: 2  |  October 2016
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IJERA’S well-wishers had a wide discussion and deliberation with a few educationists about the feasibility and possibility of launching online journal as such on education. It was felt the need and was decided to come out with the online journal with a humble beginning. It was realized that the Editorial Board of ‘Journal of Teacher Education in the Developing Nation’ should take a venture in all respect so that the IJERA may become a reality on Online. The impact of the journal would be monitored and reviewed time to time towards improving its usability and relevance and analyzing whether the objectives fixed are fulfilled or not. Consequently the Journal is taking a shape in an electronic format. The paper sent for publication is reviewed intensively. Open access to the journal is available on the website given. The efforts will be made that IJERA proves its mettle, authenticity and usefulness for the online users. The educational knowledge and information are afforded to reach the educationist through electronic services. Authors are requested to down load the relevant lead information’s as per the norms fixed.